Set Of 4 Anti Vibration Feet Pads
Set Of 4 Anti Vibration Feet Pads


Set Of 4 Anti Vibration Feet Pads

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Product Description:

Washing machine foot pad is made of high quality resin fiber plastic. It has good bearing capacity, toughness and wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance. No tools or messy adhesives required. Simply lift each corner of the machine and slide the noise absorbing pads into place.

It can effective vibration absorption and noise reduction. Shock and noise cancelling washing machine support anti vibration rubber pads can be used not only for washing machines and refrigerator but also for furniture’s legs to prevent scratches on floors or to keep them stable.

It can absorb vibrations and abnormal noises when operating home appliances, and protects the floor from scratches. Besides, it can raise the height of home appliances and furniture to protect them from moisture, which makes cleaning convenient.